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Digital Marketing

Welcome to Maddison Online.  We are a Digital Marketing Consulting Business based in Queenstown, New Zealand.  We choose this place because is magical, like the things we do for our clients.  We love all things Digital and we want your business to be seen, to be noticed, and to be successful in this modern and fast-paced environment.  We can help your business to have a successful online presence, so “Let’s take your business online!”.

Digital Marketing Solutions

This is how we can help

From website design to a complete Digital Marketing Strategy and everything in between. 

Who we are

Sandra Maddison

My dream of running a Digital Marketing Consultancy where I could help business owners to be successful online came to a reality with Maddison Online. 

This business is about you and your business needs.  If you are looking for a great website, on-site marketing, help with your social media, email marketing, Google ads  or a great digital marketing strategy, I am able to help.

I work with talented consultants that are amazing at what they do.  Copywriters, graphic designers, social media managers  and technical experts.  This is a small team that creates a huge Impact.  I work with people from New Zealand and Chile.

The digital world changes continously.  How well equiped your business is, will depend on the right strategy.    I play an advisory role for my clients and I love to question things.    If you want to connect with your clients in a meaningful and profitable way, this is the place for you.

Let’s take your business online with the right strategy, engaging content and targetted practices.

three steps to success

A Process Focused on You

There are important things you want to achieve. You want more business, more customers, more engagement.  We want to understand what drives you.  We are here to help.


Get to know each other

Fit is important.  We want you to love working with us and we want to understand what your business is all about, where you want to go and what it’s important to you.


We work on the strategy

This is the fun part.  We design a strategy based on your objetives, your budget and your customers.  This is the plan of action, your roadmap.


You decide the way forward

This is where you make the decision on what you want to implement.  This is where we go for the results.

You deserve the best service

Contact us for a Free Consultation.  No risk. L et’s meet and discuss what dreams you have for your business, your clients and your online presence.  We would love to help.  Check below what some of our clients think, we want to make you happy too.

You can run your campaign or we do it for you

If you are one of those people that want to try things on your own, want to learn and you are confident with your skills, we are happy to let you run things.

Other option is to work together in different areas or you let us do all the work.  We can work with your requirements.